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When we sat down one day, making love and fantasies about a friend of Tracy was with us and so hot and horny. Mark newsfilter is a good friend of ours and a few years younger than we are about 25 Now this is its so humid and hot at the thought of another man gave his cock in all positions and also very cool as well. Now Tracy is a real sexual woman and is always there for them all the time, although it is very discreet and you never know what it was. Tracy always dressed from the inside out and always seemed so hot and I am very hard all the time, she's so good with a nice cock in the mouth or hand. was always fresh and had a very nice thin halter -top with a good pair of black stockings and little thong theft, pert nipples are trying to work out of the ornate clothes all the time. Tracy has set a real thing for her nipples and sucked and this was just the crazy for cock. often tease you with their fullThe breasts and hard nipples and the effect this has his hand on his dick in a hurry. So he said goodbye to everyone and wasting time on the couch at night, when Mark came out of nowhere. Tracy had fallen a little wine and it was very silly, though both had dressed right and with a good shot, so rang the doorbell, we were able to newsfilter compose for his appearance were ready. That was random and unplanned, though to Mark in the past, angered a few times after he worked on his car and has really cool with which we both know - I suppose a man too many in the building. , said Mark came in and said he would only say that the only chance for a cup of coffee, so unnecessary, Tracy gave him a glass of wine and we all sat chatting, comments Mark, how beautiful it seemed that the night had left her blush at the thought of the night of fantasy, I 'm sure. In the course of the night and chatted in all kinds of things a couple of glasses were knocked down and was followed by a single by Tracy. Now there 's a lot of smoke, but a good slow connection is always made ​​it very relaxed and let their inhibitions, all kinds of things with me when we had sex, almost anything goes. went to the bathroom and when I left Mark had moved and was in the 3-seater sofa with Tracy is now, I sat at the other end of the couch and got stuck with us, with her skirt well above knee newsfilter and I could tell she was very hot. We joked about it a bit and then we talked a little about what makes the man, Mark commented on her legs and smooth they were dressed in newsfilter black stockings and Tracy commented on the neck and biting as it could lose control when you made for her. Mark looked at me and smiled, and without further questioning, he stroked the neck of Tracy and she shivered a little, almost immediately, and moved away from him, but I knew she was so hOrny. I said, careful mate, or eaten alive, 'and extended his hand and began fondling her beautiful breasts and felt her nipples begin to swell rock hard and she was very hot so This gorge little mark. again, and it newsfilter newsfilter was like a sex- activated switch for Tracy, she could not contain himself and started kiss mark with a vengeance, sliding his hand on her thigh and rubbed her legs through her ​​stockings. Tracy apparently newsfilter wanted more when she lifted her left leg over his access allows, for now I soaked. Without further ado, Mark his hand under her dress and slid her fingers into her panties, 'which ooh're so moist and juicy,' he he said, was just loving newsfilter all the attention, no doubt. as far as I know I've never played with two men at least once before, it really is a very sexy woman and I loved her as a pleasure Marcos slid her fingers into her wet hole love, even though Tracy had cIndia has a very nice tight pussy and loves to play with them, fuck and eat all kinds of toys, we have an extensive collection, newsfilter and has taken them all. She was overcome in the hand of newsfilter Mark and enjoying every minute. Then he bent down and gave to appreciate his jeans, his cock swollen now, I'm surprised it was huge, and I almost felt a little insecure, and I'm 6 1 / 2 inches, but Mark 's cock was easily newsfilter 8 inches, and sliding your hand up and down his shaft slipped out of his bulbous helmet and then almost did not hand around it. I wanted to be fucked by this big cock and always been very difficult for me in thinking. Never in my wildest dreams thought it would, but I was so enjoying this - it was a real pleasure to the woman you like, to see so much joy. This time I had left the halter dress and was caressing and sucking firm breasts for a while, Tracy was passed aroundcomplete ecstasy. I knew she wanted to make a cock in her and it was clear that this is a problem none of us now know what to do next. Tracy had opened his pants and masturbates me for a while, might have shot my hot load on her tits at this point - it really was looking so hot brands big cock masturbates. Then he turned and lifed his legs on the sofa and began to sink into Mark 's cock, with me, with their wet panties in my face began to decline in her crotch and then slide to chew over with my tongue on one side , as he discovered his love for wet hole. She was rocked back and forth excitedly enjoy at both ends, which had often been caught with great 'real dick ' comforter, if sucking cock in the past and always had its hot and humid. marked cock hit in the mouth and she really wanted to cum here then and there, but he took control over it, and knew exactly where he wanted to planttheir descendants, and mouth wernt. He lifted her and kissed her, she was in total sexual frenzy now and have never newsfilter seen so wet pussy nice and wide. Then the brand turned around and pushed her juicy wet pussy in large Member States, which he loved, damn it, a bit more cautious at first, but she fell very slowly and once it had newsfilter begun in itself to shock mounted to and below it, and she moaned a little squeak every time you can reach full penetration, which was the point in their lives. I was sitting back enjoying the view when she took my penis in her hand and began to masturbate and I winks while love was, and never had an erection, as before was amazing. Mark rode this for about 5 minutes and I guess that was at least three times, twisting and shaking her tail, and in a timely manner, it would be to boost its axis and then click on it, was a real dog night butI was good at it. Tracy then lifted newsfilter him on their knees and began to suck my cock, which was newsfilter the signal of the mark to give the puppy, and brought together in The Lone Ranger, striking his swollen pussy wow I'm sure my penis bite. Marcos took for ages to ensure maximum wonderful rammed his cock home, it was wet and choking more than ever, I thought I spit the two of us, but could not get enough. After what seemed a long time with Tracy shaken again with her ​​panties pulled aside, and he held her dress above her firm ass with his legs, he slipped out of it to catch Mark. He turned around, to keep me hard and now allows her swollen juicy wet pussy game, before ramming her dripping cum sessions several brands. I've always liked her ass and used to lubrication with their semen when I ate her pussy touched and loved, and play with them, as well, so I started to love lubrication hole, after Mark had a hit of her pussy, it would be too awkward for me, I knew what I was doing and stood newsfilter up and put on the carpet in front of the fireplace, I slipped Mark behind her and went to the front, and joined in several holes, and the effect was impressive, Tracy was a cry from straight fuck me harder, harder, and began to buck against one of us first and then against the other double fucked she loves. Mark proposed to her again and then got up and cock again, which was set up as a cowgirl bucking up and down as he crashed his huge meat. I stood up and began to fuck her face always in time with the beat, then suddenly stiffened brand and launched a large volume of red hot sauce cream in it, they trembled and almost the same time, very intense and began to suck my cock to England. I could not contain myself and broke into her mouth with semen dripping and ran between her breasts, she was in heaven. So we cleared the entire newsfilter left and Mark and Tracy then took me to the bed and grabbed me again, wow I never realized that I am with a hot chick and she took so hard and so dear. Now I have to take newsfilter them to clubs and see how they want to be triggered by other kids, and it is in the mood to fuck her too, she is like a cake newsfilter for a cock. newsfilter
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